Holiday body art!

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Body art for raising your spirits!

Body art is one of the forms of avant-garde art, where the human body becomes the main object of creativity, and the content is revealed with the help of non-verbal language: poses, gestures, facial expressions, signs and "decorations" on the body.
Since the 1960s, body art began to develop intensively in Europe, as part of the aesthetic revolution of avant-gardism, directed against social stereotypes.
The initial experiences of such a body date back to the mid-1930s. Although in the east this kind of body art existed for a long time. He used geisha in the form of a tattoo.

Today, body painting is known to everyone as the art of drawing on the body. Now - this is the most common type of body art, in which the main place is occupied by applying to the face and body. Often it is used as one of the forms of promotional goods or services at exhibitions, presentations and other events. For this, professional models and artists are involved. Competition and festivals are held on the formation of the body.
Today for bodypeaking use artistic gouache, theatrical make-up, a pencil or marker for tattooing, sometimes henna. But it is best to use aquagrim. It is quite elastic, so it does not crack on the skin and does not cause allergic reactions. In addition, it dries quickly and retains a vivid color. After applying the pattern, a layer of special fixative is applied, which prolongs the life of the drawing. Such a make-up without much effort is washed off with water.
Bodyipyentig can also be used in everyday life. Very cool it will look if, for example, paint yourself a part of the face, as a continuation of the makeup, when going to a party. In this case, it will be very actual to use decor materials, such as: rhinestones, feathers and false eyelashes. It will be interesting to use this technique to decorate your body in very responsible, festive moments of life, such as a wedding or a birthday.
Maybe you just want to surprise your loved one by presenting yourself as a gift. There can be a lot of reasons - a choice for you. In any case, bodypainting is beautiful!


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