Nudism in Ukraine is banned, but not dangerous.

Communication with naked girls

For the West it is not surprising - nudist beaches. Ukraine has also become closer to the West on this issue - the naturist movement has reached this country.
A serious community of like-minded people is in the pearl of the sea - in Odessa. Here the largest number of beaches for holidaymakers, alien to stereotypes and prejudices.

The number of followers of natural rest is growing rapidly. Among the nudists of Ukraine, young people aged 20-30 are predominant, who are not very interested in the traditions, history and ideology of the movement.

Fashion for nudism from megacities reached the province. Supporters of this way of life fight with the police and reach a place under the sun

Officially, nudism is banned in Ukraine. This is considered hooliganism, and nudists can be fined.
However, there is progress on this issue: for example, in Kiev, Nudism has not been pursued for a long time. "The beach is a public place, and if you undress, and someone complains, we will have to answer," explains Olga Bilyk, deputy head of the press service of the Kiev police. "But, most likely, they will just hold an explanatory conversation with you." The Kiev police were not always loyal to nudists. According to the chairman of the Kiev center of naturism Oleg Domashevsky, ten years ago, policemen caught "the children of the sun" and took them to the police station. "Legislation of Ukraine does not provide for the right to nudists. The public impact is seen as petty hooliganism and is punishable by a fine in the amount of 51 to 119 UAH. Or an administrative arrest for up to 15 days, "warns attorney Rostislav Kravets.

But Domashevsky notes with satisfaction that law enforcement bodies are less likely to resort to this article today. "Only in Kiev there are several thousand fans to rest naked," he says. "This movement is becoming massive, it's pointless to fight us." Among the visitors of the center of naturism are young people, middle-aged people, pensioners and even couples with children.

Nudists in winter
Often nudists distributed photos confirming that in the winter they do not lose heart. Supporters of healthy recreation, naked on snowboards and skis, can ride a horse or walk in the icy forest. Many people lie on the snow and are immersed in icy water. In general, the life of naturists lives in Ukraine.


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