Naturists of Italy- hot and free

Communication with naked girls

Hot Italian nudists do not know the word of embarrassment. The European mentality allows them to walk freely naked not only along the beach zones, but along the crooked streets of the resort towns.

Italy, like no other country in Europe, has deep Catholic roots and many Italians, quite devout people.
Where in Italy can you sunbathe and swim absolutely naked, in no way insulting someone's moral background and attracting outside interest? On the best nudist beaches in Italy.

Capocotta Beach                                   

CapocottŠ° is located near Rome between Ostia and Tor Vianica. This beach is considered the best in this environment.
Capocotta is an important part of the Castel Porciano Nature Reserve, which is 3 km long. The total length of the beautiful 250-kilometer coastline used to be called Oazi Naturista di Capocotta.

The sand dunes of Capocott and the surrounding landscape make this place the best nudist beach in the vicinity of Rome. The official status was acquired by him in 2000. There is excellent parking, and next to the beach there are restaurants where you can eat well

Lido de Venezia

The name itself indicates where it is located. Relax on the beach you can perfectly combine with the sights of Venice. Gold sand and pure sea water attract nudists from around the world. Lido beach can be reached from Venice by water bus (vaporetto).
The island of Lido, on which the beach is located, is about 18 km long. There are many hotels and restaurants with excellent value for money. And on the beach itself you can rent a hut.

Guvano Beach

The beach Guvano loves connoisseurs of exquisite natural landscape, picturesque nature. The cave beach is located between Corniglia and Vernazza at 1 hour 15 minutes walk from Sentiero Azzuro.
There are very beautiful, wild places attract many tourists here. The purest Ligurian Sea, nature, sun, diving, solitude are the main features of Givano beach.

Costa Dei Barbari

Costa Dei Barbari - located on the Adriatic coast. He is quite famous among fans of this kind of recreation.
The beach is famous for its beautiful nature and easy accessibility. You can reach it by car. Moving by car from Sistiana towards Trieste, you will reach the cliffs on Costa dei Barbaray, where one of the most famous nudist beaches of Italy is located.
Another very important feature of Costa dei Barbaray is that this season it is much less crowded than the very beach of Capotzot, located near Rome. This is not a complete list of nude beaches in Italy. But they are the most famous and absolutely legal.


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