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Today I would like to talk about women who do not wear underwear.
As you probably already know, every fifth girl does not wear underwear. And this means that 20% of women do not wear panties.
There is a version that the fashion to give up linen has caused a scandalous thriller "Basic Instinct". The scene from Sharon Stone during the interrogation without panties made the heart beat faster and press the "Stop" button while watching the video. This scene was awarded the title of the most popular in the history of television. The idea was picked up by all female dirty heads. Hollywood actresses began to shine from under the skirts, get out in underwear, it became almost indecent.

Several years ago, two young girls from Amsterdam decided to remind fellow citizens and tourists that it was harmful to wear panties, and began to ride a river tram, climbing high rails in miniskirts without a canvas. The whole audience was instantly distracted from the best brothels and coffeeshops with psilocybami - and engaged in discussion of this demarche. Newspapers, psychologists, sexologists, sociologists were connected, and it became known that walking without linen is useful to feel free physically and emotionally.

Walking without panties is a therapeutic way to alleviate the rigidity of the body and soul.

Moreover, 80% of Dutch women still went out without underwear at that time, and only 5% of the population remembered houses about reinforcements. The famous psychotherapist Peter van Klotten inspired the world community: "Walking without underwear promotes the development of intimate fantasies and helps to make pleasant acquaintances, and for this no one should show that you are without clothes. Just the realization that without underwear, gives the girl a sense of freedom. It's easier to keep, when you say, do not be nervous and not calm. "

No, well, really, what anxiety can there be if you are without panties?
All categorical cry of defenders of cowards, trousers in the Russian-speaking sector of the Internet is primarily associated with hygiene problems. It's very scary, for example, to sit on a bench in a subway or park, on which you - how to find out? - the homeless slept with fleas and cockroaches, a flock of pigeons was dying from bird flu, a pig with swine flu swine and a pair of African students from Ebola? Only an extra layer of cotton fabric in a secret place will protect you from the persecution of bacilli, as well as from rape.
The joke is that doctors have more requirements for modern lingerie than for lack of it. Synthetic underwear in hot weather has a "thermos effect" and helps to multiply those harmful microbes that are most resistant to external influences. A useful sensitive microflora suffers in such conditions and passes a protective barrier. To the disadvantages of underwear doctors do not give contraindications - if the rules of hygiene and clean clothes are observed.


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