10 countries in which the most beautiful girls live

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List of the top 10 countries in the world, in which, as they say, the most beautiful women live.  Take note of this rating when you plan your vacation again

Beauty inside a person - we will not deny it, but, you must agree, it is always pleasant to look at external beauty.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   10th place - Philippines
In this country there live girls who many times were winners of various beauty contests.The number of such competitions in the Philippines is the largest among all other countries. The appearance of the Filipin is very interesting and combines the features of the Mongoloid, Australoid and European race. It is also pleasant that the beauty of the Filipinos can be added to the economy.

9th place -

United Kingdom

The appearance of British girls mixed several different cultures, because of this they have different shades of face and skin. The Briton is intelligent, educated, which is very important for these ladies.
8th place - USA

Girls from America spend a lot of time on their appearance, they are independent and have a good sense of humor. And not simply in the list of the most beautiful women, according to the magazine Esquire, includes: Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson, Halle Berry and many other famous American women. And most of the models from Victoria's Secret are American beauties.
7 place - Netherlands
Girls from this country have features of the northern face in combination with the parameters of the model. 170 cm - such an average growth of girls from the Netherlands. And more than half of them are blondes with beautiful figures. Is this not the mind that governs most people?
6th place - Italy

Italian women have a hot temper, they know a lot about fashion, style and make-up. They are endowed with natural beauty, so they look young and fresh. 5 place - Venezuela

Venezuelan girls are rather refined, tall and slim, and exoticism in their appearance adds raisins. They are frequent winners of international beauty contests.

4th place - Russia

Girls from Russia have bright eyes, beautiful hair, fair skin and natural blush. Russian women pay great attention to their beauty, knowing that this is a very powerful weapon. Many successful models come from Russia.
3rd place - Turkey

Some of the most beautiful girls in the world live in Turkey. They have beautiful features, bright eyes and natural charisma, which adds to their extraordinary charm and grandeur. 2 nd place - Brazil
Brazilian girls are popular all over the world because of their enchanting carnivals. Brazilians have appetizing figures (especially buttocks), swarthy skin and beautiful hair. Many popular models come from Brazil. Also, the Brazilian girls are part of the Victoria's Secret angels - in second place in number after the American women.

1 st place - Ukraine
Ukrainian girls are the winners and finalists of international beauty contests. Their beauty is difficult to convey in words - it's better to see with your own eyes. Also, Ukrainians are very careful not only about their appearance, but also about the inner world - they are smart, cheerful, smart and kind.


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