The naked truth about nudism

Communication with naked girls

7 facts about nudism
Nudist beaches and communities are usually perceived as a club of swingers and voyagers. But in fact, public sex is banned in virtually all public places of nudism.

If a person is involuntarily excited, then according to unspoken rules he must lie on his stomach or refresh himself in the water. In addition, many nudist beaches are open to all families, because any hint of sex can be considered as pedophilia.

1.The first nudists can be considered, according to the biblical story, Adam and Eve. Indeed, before the sins of Eve they walked naked in the garden of Eden.
2.What do nudists do in general? Yes, everything, only in the nude.
3.Rules for beginners: if you first came to a nudist beach, do not look at others
and in no case do not comment on their naked bodies, even if you want to make a compliment.
4.Benefit for health. Nudists advertise their hobbies, reducing stress,
improving the intake of whole-body vitamin D, fertility and blood circulation.
Some gynecologists also claim that sleep without clothes prevent thrush.
5.In the 1970s there were strikers - these are such bright nudists.
They like to shock ordinary people who suddenly appear naked before them,
including large groups. One of the most famous of their actions was the appearance at the University for Georgia in 1974, when more than 1500 strikers came to classes naked
6.Although this may be more traumatic, some sports are also represented in nudism - big and table tennis, racing, water lodges, badminton, yoga and hiking.
7.In 2010, 102 naked Britons swept the roller coaster, thereby setting a world record.


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