Until recently, in many parts of the world, there was a sacred custom of so-called sexual hospitality. In some places this tradition has survived to this day

In the north of Kamchatka, among small indigenous inhabitants of coastal Koryaks for many centuries, it was a great honor that the guest enters into a close relationship with the host's wife. To do this, the wife tried to look so friendly to the guest, so tempting that the guest could not resist the temptation.

The principles of sexual hospitality have long been known among Australian aborigines from the tribe of Arunta. In one living tribe, it is often and unusually easy to separate wives. Just out of respect for each other. True, provided that you like the owner himself, and he sincerely wants to bring you joy. In this case, it was simply impossible to refuse the offer of sexual services to a black beauty. The insulted husband could easily interpret this refusal only as extreme disrespect to himself and his family. Then we know what's going on ...

Something similar was done in the valleys of the mountains of Tibet. It was also believed that if a guest "sticks" to another's wife, this is the highest will of the gods of the Buddhist pantheon, and this is a very good sign, promising people different blessings. Tibetans usually believed that a woman deserves admiration, while someone wants to put her in bed

It was not by chance that it was considered a bad form to take virgins as wives. If this fact became known, then such a married couple was excluded from the village. Be that as it may, the ancient custom created serious, sometimes insoluble problems for potential brides. The fact is that before the wedding the girl needed to give at least two dozen men. In the conditions of practical loneliness of Tibet, this seemed incredibly difficult.

In Sumatra, the people of the tribe of Batta wore small pieces of metal or pebbles under the foreskin, thereby strengthening the functional strength of the phallus in a state of erection. It was believed that such a device gives the woman a special pleasure.

Argentine Araucanian Indians preferred to attach brushes from horsehair to the genitals. The women of the island of Bali, to make the copulation incredibly sensitive, introduced into the intimate places various small objects. For this purpose, leaves of artemisons were often used.
The men of the Panape (Micronesia) tribe are stimulating a partner with a stinging ant, a tiny toiler in the field of local sex. His bites cause short, but, they say, very sharp erotic sensations.


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