Nudists of America

Communication with naked girls

The beaches of America literally abound with naked bodies.

Naturism is rapidly developing both in the United States and in other American states, and this happens despite numerous prohibitions.
In this article, we will focus on the life of the US nudists, as the situation in this country is the most controversial and entertaining.

US - the flagship of American nudism

According to statistics, the number of adherent nu-style in the US has increased dramatically with the onset of the new millennium.
Nudists join in clubs, which are becoming more and more in the country.

The American Association of Naturists in 2005 said that its ranks numbered 50 thousand naked. According to the latest data, this figure has increased to 75,000.

However, there are problems in democratic states.
Young naturists from Virginia are protesting against the court's decision, which obliges them to rest with their parents.

The administration of Brattleboro (Vermont) banned the appearance in public places in the nude, motivating this decision by a influx of "pilgrims" from neighboring states. An interesting fact: the decision of the city authorities contradicts the state legislation.

For a long time one of the most popular places for nudists of America was the beach of Fiery Island in the vicinity of New York. Recently, the authorities of the Big Apple banned public advertising. The reason was a lot of complaints from citizens about prostitution and public sex. The situation worsened after the hurricane destroyed sand dunes, which protected the "wild" zone from public views.
Camps and villages
In the old days, nudists everywhere organized their own recreation centers, camps and whole resorts, where they could easily do their favorite thing - walking naked.
In 2004, there was another breakthrough: in the US, a settlement was created, completely populated by Christian naturists. The project is implemented in the state of Florida, near the city of Tampa.

There are reasons to consider Natura settlement an ideal place for family nudism, because there is a developed internal infrastructure, as well as a church that takes nudity worshipers. The best beaches
Traditionally, we will go over the top American beaches for swimming.
Little Beach. Belongs to the United States, the location of the disposition is Hawaii (the island of Maui).
Judging by the photos that are published in social networks nudists, a place worthy.
Large (official) and Small (wild) beaches are separated by a nine-meter rock.

Hullover Beach. To get here, go to Miami, Florida. This wild beach annually receives up to a million visitors.

Apollo Beach. Another Florida beach. Here you can get a penalty for exposure in the dunes and an incorrect parking, otherwise the place is quite nice.
There is a golf club. You can arrange a sea fishing or a canoe trip.
Prya do Pinyu. Gorgeous Brazilian beach. Men are subjected to strict requirements - membership in the International Nudist Organization.

As you can see, you can relax naked in America - if you follow a set of rules.Nudism in America


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