Nudism in Russia

Communication with naked girls
Nudism in Russia has been developing for a long time, but very slowly.

Russian nudists and naturists quietly rest on the beach, they are cheerful and generally lead an active and useful lifestyle ...

In Moscow and on the outskirts of St. Petersburg there are bare beaches, but most of them are concentrated on the Black Sea coast. Nudist beaches in the south attract with their color and an abundance of chic nude girls.

Russian nudists - a very large number of people, both girls and boys, and they prefer to sunbathe naked as nudists from other countries of the world.

But if someone wants to walk around the city in nude form, he will be immediately arrested. The laws in Russia are strict, and you face a fine.

But people who like to go without clothes are many around the world, but in Russia it's not uncommon.

The nudist movement in Russia, albeit belatedly, is gaining momentum. Wild beaches multiply, and in big cities, the struggle clogs their rights. There are on the sixth part of the earth and naturist clubs, members of the International Federation.
Naturists are united in public organizations. The largest such society in Russia is the National Federation of Naturists. In Moscow, the Teldor Association successfully operates, and in the Northern Palmyra - the Society for the Culture of the Free Body.

Among the most popular naturist beaches it is worth noting: "Diana". It is located near Abrau-Durso. You can stay at the recreation center or in the campground. Great Utrish. Excellent pebbly beach. The sea is deep and clean. Thick cloak. It is located in Gelendzhik, behind the hostel "Polar Star". Dagomys. 150 meters of sun and heat. Kabardinka. Quite a famous beach, hidden among junipers and pines. Zones for naturists are gradually expanding.
I want to believe that Russia will soon meet a naked character.


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