Nudism in China. This is prohibited, but there is

Communication with naked girls

Naked men, sunrays and special attention of local authorities every year raise heated controversy among Beijing residents and Internet users. A small pond near the power lines and an old brick building is the only place for bathing nudists near the Chinese capital and one of the few in the country, the newspaper "Shanghai Newspaper" writes.

As you know, there is quite strict censorship in China, including a ban on showing nudity everywhere, including beaches. But the Chinese nudists do not give up - they violate the prohibitions and shock tourists.
The Chinese authorities are actively fighting nudists, closing beaches and keeping lovers sunbathing in the nude. However, nudists do not back down and continue to challenge social norms. Local residents constantly complain to the authorities, but nudists continue to rest on the banks of the reservoir from year to year.

The Chinese position on nudism can be expressed by the words of the head of the party committee of the CCP of the island province of Hainan: "Ordinary people do not bathe or sunbathe naked in public."
Xiao Li, an adherent of nudism, says that after a hard day at a chemical plant, he rests naked near the pond to "relieve pressure." In the background, fifty-year-old tanned men smoke and play cards around the old wooden table, and young people jump from the platform into the water. Although women can also swim with men, they do not. Taboo on female nudity is still very strong.

Under Chinese law, a citizen who "voluntarily rests naked in a public place" must be taken under administrative arrest for up to 10 days. However, the police do not always fulfill their obligations properly. Officials responsible for maintaining public order justify the need to prevent nudism in that it contradicts China's traditions and culture, is a consequence of the past and loopholes for perverts, and also infringes the tourism business.


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