20 ways to spend time together

It's sad, but the fact is that most couples spend their evenings at home on the couch, buried in gadgets. A romantic evening is a trip to a cinema or a restaurant. Here, in fact, that's all. and meanwhile there are at least 20 ways to spend time together so that you will remember it for a long time.
1. Organize a youtube party: stock up on popcorn and show each other your favorite videos.
2. Play a board game of the times of your childhood. 3. Organize a bicycle tour to the places that are especially dear to you. Show each other where in this city your "place of power".

4. Imagine the supposed first date. Imagine that you just met. (Great occasion to buy a new dress, by the way)

5.Do Massage with each other in accordance with the classic instructions for massage therapists.

6.Buy indoor flowers and transplant them together. 7. Organize for each other photo session.
8 Prepare a dish for which there is not enough time.
9.Take off the romantic clip. Only on your phone 10.Take a tent and go camping on the weekend.
11. Read your favorite books by roles.
12.Buy a map of your city and pretend that you are tourists. Try to get lost and find the desired route on the map.
13.Go to the store and measure things you would not buy for yourself. 14.Look horror, and then cook cocoa, turn off the light and tell each other scary stories

15.Draw images of each other on the body using body paint.
16.Help someone. Save the homeless kitten or take a pack of toys to the orphanage.
17.Go to a rock festival and imagine that you are 15 years old and you have the first love
18.Make your own redecoration in the room.
19.Organize yourself a classic picnic - with baskets, checkered tablecloth and champagne

20.Have sex. Not like always, since you have not tried😊😊😊
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