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The naked truth about nudism

Communication with naked girls
7 facts about nudism
Nudist beaches and communities are usually perceived as a club of swingers and voyagers. But in fact, public sex is banned in virtually all public places of nudism.
If a person is involuntarily excited, then according to unspoken rules he must lie on his stomach or refresh himself in the water. In addition, many nudist beaches are open to all families, because any hint of sex can be considered as pedophilia.

1.The first nudists can be considered, according to the biblical story, Adam and Eve. Indeed, before the sins of Eve they walked naked in the garden of Eden.

Nudists of America

Communication with naked girls
The beaches of America literally abound with naked bodies.

Naturism is rapidly developing both in the United States and in other American states, and this happens despite numerous prohibitions.
In this article, we will focus on the life of the US nudists, as the situation in this country is the most controversial and entertaining.

US - the flagship of American nudism
According to statistics, the number of adherent nu-style in the US has increased dramatically with the onset of the new millennium.
Nudists join in clubs, which are becoming more and more in the country.
The American Association of Naturists in 2005 said that its ranks numbered 50 thousand naked. According to the latest data, this figure has increased to 75,000.

However, there are problems in democratic states.
Young naturists from Virginia are protesting against the court's decision, which obliges them to rest with their parents.
The administration of Brattleboro (Vermont) …

20 facts about love, about which everyone should know

Communication with naked girls

Most of our life depends on love, and sometimes it seems that the planet itself will stop rotating if it does not. So why not learn interesting facts about love that explain this quality, without poetic ornaments. We will consider psychological facts, and also pay attention to some amazing scientific studies of biological processes that cause special reactions that occur with a loving person.

Love is hard to find and difficult to hold. This is a mysterious, exciting feeling, especially when you experience it when a person reciprocates. And science provides valuable lessons that can demystify this complex emotion, thereby facilitating the search for real, meaningful love.

Nudism in Russia

Communication with naked girlsNudism in Russia has been developing for a long time, but very slowly.
Russian nudists and naturists quietly rest on the beach, they are cheerful and generally lead an active and useful lifestyle ...

In Moscow and on the outskirts of St. Petersburg there are bare beaches, but most of them are concentrated on the Black Sea coast. Nudist beaches in the south attract with their color and an abundance of chic nude girls.
Russian nudists - a very large number of people, both girls and boys, and they prefer to sunbathe naked as nudists from other countries of the world.
But if someone wants to walk around the city in nude form, he will be immediately arrested. The laws in Russia are strict, and you face a fine.
But people who like to go without clothes are many around the world, but in Russia it's not uncommon.

The nudist movement in Russia, albeit belatedly, is gaining momentum. Wild beaches multiply, and in big cities, the struggle clogs their rights…

Funny naturists

Communication with naked girlsHow much freedom in the actions of nudists and how much joy they have. In the end, people born of nudism can not live without it.
All this is not only pleasant, but also very useful for health.

How much joy in these eyes and how many emotions, girls and guys so beautiful spend time together.
In some places in the world you can visit exhibitions in the nude. Family nudists happily do it.

In every country in the world, nudists and naturists enjoy the life that is given to us once.
Nudists in winter sound somehow unusual! But there is no time for nudists to wait, and they gladly fulfill their dreams even in winter. They do not take frost, and cold water does not affect their mood. Forever happy and positive nudists with great pleasure conquer new places in the winter.


Until recently, in many parts of the world, there was a sacred custom of so-called sexual hospitality. In some places this tradition has survived to this day

In the north of Kamchatka, among small indigenous inhabitants of coastal Koryaks for many centuries, it was a great honor that the guest enters into a close relationship with the host's wife. To do this, the wife tried to look so friendly to the guest, so tempting that the guest could not resist the temptation.

The principles of sexual hospitality have long been known among Australian aborigines from the tribe of Arunta. In one living tribe, it is often and unusually easy to separate wives. Just out of respect for each other. True, provided that you like the owner himself, and he sincerely wants to bring you joy. In this case, it was simply impossible to refuse the offer of sexual services to a black beauty. The insulted husband could easily interpret this refusal only as extreme disrespect to himself and his family. Then we kn…