Holiday body art!

Body art for raising your spirits!

Body art is one of the forms of avant-garde art, where the human body becomes the main object of creativity, and the content is revealed with the help of non-verbal language: poses, gestures, facial expressions, signs and "decorations" on the body.
Since the 1960s, body art began to develop intensively in Europe, as part of the aesthetic revolution of avant-gardism, directed against social stereotypes. The initial experiences of such a body date back to the mid-1930s. Although in the east this kind of body art existed for a long time. He used geisha in the form of a tattoo.
Today, body painting is known to everyone as the art of drawing on the body. Now - this is the most common type of body art, in which the main place is occupied by applying to the face and body. Often it is used as one of the forms of promotional goods or services at exhibitions, presentations and other events. For this, professional models and artists are involved. Compe…

Naked entertainment

People in the nude can have fun
People love nudity - for various reasons. Some clothes are just burdensome, like a sense of unfreedom. Sometimes this feeling breaks out and is expressed in certain actions, which often look inadequate.

It happens that "nudists" or "naturists" other representatives of the human race "become" for a time - from considerations that are completely understandable to an outsider or simply for the sake of a trick. :) It is clear that "where does naturism?" - Yes of course; but, nevertheless ... Perhaps, having felt the freedom of the naked body, these people will someday come to the naturalness of nudity, and there - how to know - maybe, to naturism. Naked people become more open and illuminate all those internal clamps that eventually lead to problems. In the nude, you can stroll around the city, ride a bike, have picnics and parties. Even you can go to the forest for mushrooms without clothes Brave and naked people can be…

Nudists in the village. Naked life!

Nudists from the village
Rural motives positively affect people, the vast spaces on which they walk, there is a place where they have fun, and hardly anyone will see you. Naked rural nudists do not forget to show themselves in all their glory in the countryside and in nature. Naturists are everywhere and rustic lakes and fields are a great place where you can relax naked. It's always nice to look at beautiful girls, and especially they are beautiful when they do not wear clothes Nude rural nudists do not forget to show themselves in all its glory, adults and young, it does not matter, they move carefree rest in nature, and nudists are not ashamed of it. Look at the pictures of these beautiful girls without underwear. It's really cool.

Without clothes, it's better to have fun with your girlfriends Your body should receive solar energy, and it will be better if clothes are not available Enjoy these beautiful beauties and see photos of naked girls in the village.

Naked girls in the big city

Girls like to walk naked
Female nudists, exhibitionists happily walk through the streets of cities in a nude.
Previously, girls in the nude went only to Europe. Then it became fashionable in America. Now in Russia and Ukraine.

Naked girls and women surprise passers-by with their actions. I do not know how you like it, but I really like it. I think you like it too, otherwise you would not have read my blog. Not all passers-by understand the actions of naked girls. But everyone mens who meets a naked girl on his way becomes cheerful and happy.
Nudists walking around the city will necessarily make a few photos with which we could enjoy these beautiful paintings